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I am currently teaching 4th Grade Dual Language Immersion part-time In Madison, WI. I have taught 4K-5 English as a Second Language, middle school English, Bilingual Science, History, Technology and Spanish in Milwaukee Public Schools, Wis., Madison Metropolitan School District, Wis., and Glendale Unified School District, Calif. I was also a Bilingual and Literacy Instructional Resource Teacher, and a Teacher Leader in the Professional Development department in the Madison, Wis. My passion for Latin American literature stems from my Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I hope to share my love of the South with the world. When I'm not chasing my son or two step-children, I would love to spend time with you sharing Books del Sur. Contact me: heather@booksdelsur.org

Today I celebrate May Day by reflecting on the dismantling of Wisconsin's Teacher's Union and an excerpt of my chapter in Why We Teach Now, edited by Sonia Nieto.

May Day Reflections

Books unlike textbooks allow teachers to differentiate for our learners' reading levels and interests.  When looking for books to use in your bilingual or dual immersion classroom, here are three ways to think about them so that you can have a balanced book collection.

Spanish Fiction Book Collections

Migrar is an amazing story of a young boy's journey from the North to the South. His experiences are similar to many others that have made the journey.

Voices from the South: Migrar